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oh you're so vain [entries|friends|calendar]

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again [20 Aug 2004|10:04pm]
a new school year...

and im feeling really different since last year, so i decided to have a new journal.


deal with it
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upset i guess. [19 Aug 2004|07:30pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i hate it when you're about to go somewhere. and you are stopped by family fights. whatever like i give a flying fuck whatever it is they are fighting about. but no. i have to get involved. just to make matters worse. its making me want to vomit the thought of how terrible leslie is. shes such a bad person. she makes my mom feel like its always her fault when its not. and gets pissed at nicole just because she doesnt even want to be friends. who WOULD WANT To be friends with a stupid bitch like that. and then she trys to act like my parents and be like "oh well you shouldn't go out tonight" and im just like wtf, who in the hell do you think you are? "who died and named you dictator". and instead of being angry about it. i sat there and let her yell at me. like its nothing when i know its something. im not going to go all emo depressed about it. its just sick that she takes pleasure in making me feel bad about everything. especially saying things that have nothing to do with anything we are talking or fighting about. like saying crap to me thats totally irrelevant. like ie, "you're a pathetic mess and everyone knows it". who says things like that?!? NOT ME. she was just dishing out crap left and right about me and she knew exactly what she was doing making me feel like nothing.

and now im ... just

sad i guess.

the part that hurts the most is that mom stood their, watched her say all those mean and horrible things. and didn't do jack shit. she such a fucking wuss.


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i <3 jet. [19 Aug 2004|03:16pm]
pictures from camp...sigh, i miss camp so much.

i look like some kind of paranoid freak

sam is so pretty but you can't hate her. shes too cute.

famous sen lin hu sunset. there are some things money can't buy. definately one of them.

left to right...leela(sad she left),amy,noor,yumi!!1 i miss you yumi!!

matt. chode hobbit, this kid is amazing.

do they speak korean in north korea? this kid was great.

lexy, beautiful.

hmmm another sunset by the xiao hu bien


amys so pretty

clovers from sydenys notebook, idk how the hell she found that many

i love these kids

hong kong + nolan, something mastercard could never buy.

da tou and pierce <3

mr. suave

shes so cute

how did he make that face?!?! HOW.

cute. cute. strawberry shortcake.

ding bo + jiao ben...i miss them.

the hu part of teklas project.

erik is one sexy transvestite. wow thats MY skirt.


the twins...nuff said

the whole fashion show

wow we did a number on them.


li hui lan is ultra sexy..."ur dead...oh ur so dead."
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one last post [18 Jul 2004|12:51pm]
whoever posts the most comments, gets a dollar...


im leaving for the airport, i <3 u all.

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address [17 Jul 2004|07:52pm]
write me letters!

laura mortara CL64
sen lin hu
camp minne-wa-kan
16950 andrusia rd. SE
cass lake,mn
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pixxx [17 Jul 2004|06:40pm]

nicole takes fucked up pictures of me*i look so fucked.

liliana is sooo pretty

who the fuck does this kid think he is?^^^jk dannys awesome

its peter, i love him

take one of ice ice baby

take two

gotta <3 mowhawks

ahhh petis

cutest couple ever...emily + david are so adorable i wanna eat them

lil's such a pornstar

vamor is a cutey

casey and ryan look really fucked up. but i <3 them.
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a new questionaire for a new journal. [15 Jul 2004|03:17am]
im leaving soon so just answer these kay?

i love you all.

1. are you going to miss me?
2. how well do you know me? and how long have you known me...
3. who do i love?
4. who do i miss?
5. what should i get out of my life? (get rid of)
6. if you could give me one thing what would it be?
7. if i could be anywhere, where would you put me?
8. have we ever fought?
9. have you seen me cry?
10. how would you describe our relationship?
11. last but not least...

whats my biggest fault?
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